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At eXp Realty, Education is Key

Many Ways to Learn at eXp Realty

Education is a priority and business is changing at breakneck speed. Most companies become dinosaurs not long after their launch as a company while other, more nimble, players exploit weaknesses in information flow, newer less expensive technology or talent and generally speaking simply out-hustle the competition. Information on best practices no longer comes from the top of the organization. Often those best practices come from the middle or from new players who have recently joined. Sharing and making available that information in a real-time and meaningful way is one of the more challenging exercises, especially for legacy organizations.

418 Page Wiki and Growing

The Wiki, also called eXp Realty University, is a collaboration of information, links, videos and tutorials on hundreds of relevant topics. Studies have found increased productivity of up to 25% when information is openly shared rather then passing the information up the corporate ladder in hopes that some of the information will travel back down to those that could benefit from it.

Every eXp Realty agent has access to the Wiki 24/7 to find sales and new agent training, listing presentation ABC’s, the latest in social media, lead generation strategies and much more. Agents are encouraged to collaborate and create new pages so the Wiki is always growing and being refined.

Training and Education Schedule

The online hallways of eXp can be busy with agents dropping into various scheduled training sessions, listening in on state and national team meetings, or collaborating with other agents locally and nationally.

From the bi-weekly New Agent Orientation to the popular Monday Morning XCamp the eXp ealty Training Calendar has it all.


Every Monday morning starting at 9:00am PST / 12pm EST is XCamp. We model our weekly BarCamp on the same ideas that BarCamps are normally organized in that they are “un-meetings” or “un-conferences” with no preset agenda. Anyone can present and anyone can attend any session. There are generally multiple sessions going on at once and all of the sessions are recorded for the Video Archives.

By doing these Barcamps inside of eXp Virtual we are able to be more efficient with our time and yet still get the value that a Social Learning environment provides.

Video Archives and Podcast

For those with a busy schedule we offer the eXp Podcast with recorded video sessions of the New Agent Orientation ready for online viewing or immediate download to a computer or smartphone.

The Video Archives house hundreds of video recorded sessions on a wide range of topics from previous XCamp classes, guest speakers, and weekly trainings. Currently, the videos are organized into the categories of New Agent Orientation, Business Planning, Buyer Agent, Listing Agent, Recruiting, Social Media, Agent Sites, and IT Solutions. New videos are added every week.

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