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Is Your Real Estate Business Growing?

How Are You Running Your Business Now

Think about how you do business now.  Do you find that you spend more time working from home than you do from your broker’s office?  Most agents have adapted that concept as a way to eliminate the cost of desk fees and other fees charged by their firm.   My question is has your broker increased your commission split since you are not using his resources?  Probably not.

We are independent contractors in our industry.  Unfortunately many agents don’t adapt that reality well enough.  Instead they hold on to a firm with the hope that the national brand name, or referrals from that company will sustain them in the business.

It’s Up To You To Generate Your Own Business

Truth of the matter is that you are an independent contractor which means that it is up to you to generate your own business.  Years ago when the industry was booming it was great going to the office and catching a few calls, getting some stray leads.  It is different now.  We need to generate our own business and most brokers, even large firms are lost with how to teach their agents ways to do that. Thats why we are seeing more and more firms, even big name companies, close their doors.  The agents are left floundering around trying to find a place to hang their license and learn new ways to generate income.  Most of them move their license from one sinking ship to another.

Possibly you agree with me and see that the industry is changing.  The bricks and mortar concept of doing real estate is going by the way side and a new format of operating the business is emerging.

If you are interested in taking a look at how we work through a virtual environment let’s get together and discuss it.  The business of working with clients hasn’t changed, but our approach to the business sure has.

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