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Another Milestone – 166% Growth Rate

Presently one of the fastest growing real estate companies in country.  Offering outstanding tools, ownership opportunities and a revenue share program that can set you for life, eXp Realty has been growing at this pace for a few years.   Time to get in on the fun.

Look around this site – do your homework and then give me a call – we need to talk.

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eXp World Holdings, Inc. Reports Record First Quarter 2017

eXp World Holdings, Inc. Reports Record First Quarter 2017 Financial Results

“The rapid agent growth we experienced in 2016 has continued to accelerate in the first quarter of 2017, which drove record revenues of $22 million,” said Glenn Sanford, Founder, CEO and Chairman of eXp World Holdings, Inc. “This growth is a testament to the superior agent experience provided by our agent-centric model, which consists of a fully immersive cloud-based office environment, industry best revenue sharing incentives and unique agent-ownership opportunities.”

“We expect our agent growth trajectory to continue apace and revenue growth to continue accelerating as we attract ambitious, top producing agents away from legacy brick and mortar offices and to the eXp platform. We also recently attracted four highly qualified industry veterans to our management team—from firms such as Zillow, DocuSign, Onboard Informatics and Keller Williams—which we believe attests to the increasing prominence of our brokerage and the value proposition we provide.”

“As we move forward in 2017, we will continue investing in our core infrastructure to support our growth. The foundation we are building today will allow us to efficiently scale our innovative business model into a much larger, more mature organization, which ultimately, will create notable value for our shareholders.”


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eXp Recognized – Top Workplaces in South Carolina

S.C. Top Workplaces 2017

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Inman News Innovator Awards – eXp Realty – Most Innovator Brokerage Finalist

“We are honored to celebrate so much creativity and invention,” said Inman publisher Brad Inman. “Never in the history of the Innovator Awards has there been so much innovation and, therefore, never has our list of finalists been so large — these are exciting times.”


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eXp Realty Launches Agent Ownership Initiative


Multiple Stock Ownership Opportunities Available to Cloud Brokerage’s Agents

BELLINGHAM, WA – March 25, 2014 – eXp Realty International Corporation (OTCBB: EXPI), the Real Estate Cloud Brokerage, announced today the launch of an Agent Ownership initiative that provides a number of opportunities for agents and brokers to become significant shareholders in the Company.

“The greatest asset that any real estate brokerage possesses is the group of agents and brokers who are a part of it. In our view, those agents and brokers should be owners and beginning today at eXp Realty, they will be,” said eXp Realty President Jason Gesing, during a Special Meeting of the Company inside its Cloud Office on Friday.

The new initiative has multiple components but beginning today and retroactive to January 1, 2014 the Company will issue 100 shares of stock to each agent and broker for their first transaction in 2014. The Company will also issue 1000 shares to any agent who caps in 2014. 1000 shares will also be issued to any agent or broker who attracts another agent into the Company upon the closing of that new agent’s first transaction.

Each of these awards will be made as a part of a formal stock compensation plan to be adopted later in the year. The Company also anticipates adopting a voluntary program (technically an “ESOP”) pursuant to which agents and brokers will be allowed voluntarily to contribute a portion of commission dollars and/or revenue sharing dollars to the purchase of Company stock at a discount.

“Our status now as a public company really allows us to build a brokerage that is owned by its agents. We have put together some pretty unique opportunities for all of our agents, as well as for iconic agents in their marketplaces and for brokerage owners,” said Gesing. “We believe that this, in addition to our aggressive gross revenue sharing plan, is just one more way in which our agents can achieve financial independence.”

Recently, the Company incentivized the migration of a 19 agent brokerage firm in Atlanta, Georgia using stock as a leverage point in combination with the value propositions of the Company’s core business model. Since the team in Atlanta joined eXp Realty, the size of the Company’s agent and broker population in the region has doubled and the Company has retained 100% of the agents in the region.

“Through our culture, technology, and collaborative and supportive environment, we can offer to a group of agents what it is that they need to be competitive in the industry today,” said Gesing. “At the same time, we can offer broker owners something of significant value for what they have been able to build, while allowing them to scale their businesses in ways previously not possible. Ultimately, agent ownership speaks to the opportunity to own your career and at eXp we’re interested in attracting real estate professionals who want to take charge of their career and their future and take ownership of both.”

About eXp Realty International Corporation

From its inception, eXp Realty has been engaged in the marketing and sale of residential real estate, with the goal of being the first truly cloud-based, full-service, global real estate brokerage company delivering around-the-clock access to collaborative tools and professional development for managing real estate brokers and agents. The business model was created to increase brokers’ and agents’ listings and sales, while reducing their overhead and capital requirements. eXp Realty currently has agents in 29 states and in Canada. For more information, CLICK HERE

You can also follow eXp Realty International on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and on the eXp Realty YouTube Channel.

The statements contained herein may include statements of future expectations and other forward-looking statements that are based on management’s current views and assumptions and involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results, performance or events to differ materially from those expressed or implied in such statements.


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Cloud-based eXp Opens Virtual Real Estate Training Hub

Highlighted in REALTOR.mag this article gives a good overview of eXp Realty’s virtual office.

Imagine taking a stroll through a coastal beach campus where the sun is always shining; you walk past an open amphitheater full of real estate pros listening to a panel of experts discuss the latest industry trends. Agents convene in rooftop meeting rooms and share ideas on interactive screens in the walls. And you can travel from one area to another through a teleport.


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eXp Realty Featured in 2013 Swanepoel TRENDS Report; Similarities Drawn with

eXp Realty International, Inc. is honored to be included in the 2013 edition of the Swanepoel TRENDS Report.

Two years ago, Stefan Swanepoel designated eXp Realty as one of six up-and-coming companies to watch. In this year’s report, eXp Realty is profiled as having one of the three models that The Trends Report sees as a viable business model for the future for broker owners.

trends_2013The 2013 edition of the Swanepoel TRENDS Report suggests in Trend #2 – The Real Estate Office of the Future, that there are three models that show long term promise. They are:

  • the large market center concept similar to the model Keller Williams has developed
  • the cafe style brokerage that is boutique and intimate with comparisons to select RE/MAX offices
  • the less capital-intensive, cloud-based option that eXp Realty has introduced to the global marketplace

The report draws a strong comparison between eXp Realty and and positions the company as poised to grow as the first (and currently only) real estate cloud brokerage. The report identifies the cloud-based model as a powerful new innovation whose time has come — and eXp Realty as the company leading the charge.

About the Swanepoel TRENDS Report
Only one annual report has, for the last eight years, summarized important industry facts and made them available in an objective and “advertising free” format. This has shaped the Swanepoel TRENDS Report into the most anticipated and valued resource of market intelligence available for real estate professionals.

About eXP
eXp Realty, The Global Real Estate Cloud Brokerage, has effectively eliminated traditional brick and mortar environments and the costs associated with them,  in favor of a national full service, collaborative cloud-based environment where agents, brokers and staff work together across state borders while learning and transacting business from anywhere in the world. eXp Realty is presently in 28 states and Canada with additional international expansion planned in 2013..

Learn more about eXp Realty and its culture of providing agents with extraordinary systems, support, profitability and community.  CLICK HERE   or just give me a call –  Jim Girard 864.414.4675

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eXp Realty Celebrates Three Years of Innovation

This month, eXp Realty is celebrating its third anniversary by welcoming its 28th state broker, Guy Allen, who will head up the eXp office in Washington, DC.

Launched in 2009, eXp Realty is a fast-growing, international real estate brokerage that is using rapid advances in technology to aggressively grow and keep costs of running a brokerage low while most other firms are struggling just to survive in what is thought of as one of the toughest markets in which to operate.

“It’s been awesome to watch eXp become a place where top real estate professionals come together daily to collaborate on solutions to real time industry challenges,” says Brian Culhane, Co-Founder and Chief Cultural Officer of eXp Realty.

A unique combination of innovative technologies, a highly competitive financial split and what is currently the most aggressive revenue share model in the industry resulted in eXp Realty being chosen as one of the most Innovative Brokerages by Inman News in 2011. Founder and CEO, Glenn Sanford was also recognized that year as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the Real Estate Industry by the same publication.

“It’s amazing how starting with the simple concept of keeping costs low and engagement high has resulted in eXp Realty being recognized year after year as one of the industry’s most innovative companies,” says CEO Glenn Sanford.

Learn more about eXp Realty, its customer-centric focus and extraordinary agent service  by clicking the banner below.


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eXp Realty Celebrates the Death of the Fax Machine

BELLINGHAM, WA – eXp is pleased to announce that it has partnered with HelloFax to bring its agents another effective, efficient way to do business in the cloud.

“Providing our real estate professionals with HelloFax gives them electronic fax and digital signature capability in one paperless solution to execute contracts with ease,” says Brian Culhane, Co-Founder and Chief Cultural Officer of eXp Realty.

With HelloFax, eXp agents never need to print, scan or hand-sign documents again. Contracts are simply uploaded from desktops or online locations, completed and sent to clients via email or fax – all within the easy-to-use HelloFax platform.

“eXp aims to be a completely paperless brokerage and HelloFax has helped become part of that system. It only makes sense in these days of technology not to have to print, sign and then either scan it back in or put a piece of paper into a fax machine. HelloFax will be the demise of the fax machine, may it rest in peace,” says Kirk Johnson, IT and SEO Manager for eXp Realty.

HelloFax is equally excited about the partnership. “eXp Realty is on the forefront of the virtual, paperless office,” says Joel Andren. “We have built our online faxing and eSignature tools for forward thinking offices like eXp.”

About  HelloFax
Joseph Walla, CEO and Co-Founder started HelloFax in 2010 with the vision of creating the paperless office. Since that initial launch of fax services, HelloFax has added document signing and editing to make the paperless office a reality for many. 

About eXP
eXp Realty has effectively eliminated traditional brick and mortar environments and the costs associated with them,  in favor of a national full service, collaborative cloud-based environment where agents, brokers and staff collaborate across state borders while learning and transacting business from anywhere in the world. eXp Realty is in 28 states and growing rapidly.

Learn more about eXp Realty, its customer-centric focus and extraordinary agent service at

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Big Spring Pay-Out for eXp Brokers and Agents

BELLINGHAM, WA – eXp Realty, a national cloud-based real estate brokerage, announced today that it paid out close to $28,000 in revenue sharing to its brokers and agents in the month of June. As eXp Realty President, Brian Culhane, noted upon receiving the revenue share numbers, “I see many car and even a few mortgage payments being paid by eXp this month!”

The efficiencies created by the eXp Realty’s unique use of technology, while providing an agent support structure and social experience, creates a cost savings that the company can pass on to its agents in the form of monthly revenue-share compensation.

When compared to profit-sharing programs in the real estate industry, eXp’s stands out above the crowd — the eXp Realty revenue share program pays you residual income from your recruits, regardless of office or company profitability.  Have a question about eXp Realty? Ask it here!

Some agents earned over $4000 for the month and that number will only increase. In addition, you’re at 100% as soon as you hit your cap (an easy thing to do). If you could use extra money in your bank account without putting in the hard work for it, contact Jim Girard (864) 414-4675

eXp Realty has agents in 25 states and has effectively eliminated traditional brick and mortar environments (and the costs associated with them) in favor of a fully-immersive, 3-D, virtual office environment where agents, brokers and staff collaborate across state borders while learning and transacting business from anywhere in the world.

Want to learn more?  Give me a call or fill out the short form below.

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