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eXp Realty Revenue Share Program Changes the Game

As eXp Realty stands poised to expand into its 46th state the buzz around the company has reached a fever pitch.  eXp Realty has become known among forward-thinking real estate professionals for offering an unparalleled agent benefits package, including low fees, splits and caps, several comprehensive education programs, cutting edge technology, dynamic websites, phenomenal lead generation, and hands-on social media marketing coaching… Sure, eXp Realty has all of that, but the “secret ingredient” that makes eXp Realty really stand out is its industry-leading revenue share program.

What Is Your Exit Strategy?

True, residual income programs that encourage company growth are not new. There are several other residual income programs out there, but none of them offer the kind of benefits offered by eXp Realty. None!  Not even close. You know why? Because eXp Realty deliberately set out to beat the competition. And beat them, they have! Let me explain.

Of the few firms out there that offer residual income opportunities, most have programs that are flawed, convoluted and confusing or, at best, insignificant.  For instance, a certain nationally known brokerage, with whom many of us at eXp formerly spent time, has what has been known as the industry-leading profit-share program. The rub lies right there in the name; profit share. eXp Realty has revenue share.  Profit share derives from a complicated equation based on agent recruits, company growth and individual office profitability. It is an equation that is barely understood, even by those who sing its praises to potential recruits…and it doesn’t pay much, especially when the office you work in isn’t making money. The eXp Realty revenue share program pays you residual income from your recruits regardless of office or company profitability. They make money – you make money.

Hit the picture at any time to try the Revenue Share Calculator.

It works like this: If you recruit an agent, you receive 3.5% of their gross commission. Period. Better yet, you keep receiving that amount on each of their transactions until they’ve paid their annual company cap of $16k. If you recruit at least 5 agents yourself, you then receive 4% from the commissions of any agents your recruits have recruited. If you recruit at least 10 agents, you not only receive the 4% from second-level recruits, but also another 2.5% from third level recruits! And it keeps going for seven levels! Basically, for every 5 personal recruits, you qualify for one deeper level of residual, passive income. Take a minute to play around with the eXp Realty Revenue Share Calculator on the left. (Note: you’ll receive a small share for lower level recruits regardless of your first level, though it is only a fraction of the amount in this model)

It’s an excellent residual income which our industry has lacked for years.

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