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Inman Connect Tours The Cloud Office at eXp Realty

Inside the billion-dollar virtual brokerage


Staff writer Emma Hinchlieffe took a tour of the Cloud Office at eXp Realty.  In Emma’s article she stated “After a few months writing about the rapidly growing eXp Realty — including its milestone trading start on the Nasdaq, passing a $1 billion market cap on its first day there, its expansion to 49 states and two Canadian provinces — I got curious about what that world actually looked like.”

Emma’s tour of our office is not uncommon.  As a matter of fact our cloud office is open to any agent to come inside and look around.  I would suggest, however, that you tour the place with another eXp agent so they can help you navigate and introduce you to other staff members.

GO HERE to read Emma’s article.  She took a pretty extensive tour and shared her personal experience.


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Mission Statement - We want the value proposition of eXp Realty to be so good that it would be irresponsible for an agent or broker to hang their license anywhere else.


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