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Introduction to eXp Realty

If you clicked through to this page you obviously have in interest in researching either other firms or another concept.   That’s great.

If this page doesn’t get your interest take the time to read more about this amazing company.  The Revenue Share is astounding.

Let me introduce you to eXp Realty.   eXp Realty is the first Agent Owned Cloud Brokerage™.  Don’t get caught up in the name.  Who really knows what Re/Max means, what ERA stands for.  I am sure Prudential was a funny name at first.  Most people thought it was insurance, which it still is.  And why would someone name a real estate company Exit?

eXp Realty is not a bricks and mortar real estate company.  It is totally in the cloud.  Which means that your office is anywhere your computer is.  Your training is done in The Cloud Theater or another location at the cloud office, and might I add, the training is excellent.  Even after almost 20 years in the business, I am able to learn new and exciting ways to generate business and advance myself in today’s technology.


The training is held by some of the top agents in the country.  Our CEO, Glen Sanford, was the #49 top agent in the country with Keller Williams.  You won’t get training from someone with that experience at the traditional office.  Most of the time those people are reluctant to share their ideas knowing that you are competing with them.  Not at eXp.  We are all interested in your success because when you succeed we all succeed.  The good news – all the training is free and available 24/7.

We are a company built by Top Agents for Top Agents
Who are recruiting and training future Top Agents

This is my web site that you are on right now.   LOOK AROUND

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I can blog all day about the benefits of being a part of the company, but the ideal thing for us to do is get together.

Give me a quick call on my direct line (864) 414.4675  or fill out the form below and let’s get together and discuss the details.

I look forward to talking with you – Jim Girard

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Maybe you would like to learn more?

 Let's just sit and chat over a cup of coffee.  Nothing hard pressed, just general conversation, get your questions answered.  My goal is for you and everyone else that may have an interest in eXp Realty to have a good understanding of who we are and what we offer our agents.  I think you will be impressed. Give me a call - Let's talk - 864.414.4675 or email me at Strictly Confidential  

Mission Statement - We want the value proposition of eXp Realty to be so good that it would be irresponsible for an agent or broker to hang their license anywhere else.


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