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More Reasons for Enthusiastic EXPectations at eXp Realty

eXp Realty leadership team has understood things that many other company leadership teams do not

Enthusiastic EXPectations – you bet.  Things are changing quickly at eXp Realty and the excitement is over whelming.  Now exceeding 10,000 agents the momentum has been outstanding.

A huge part of the agent attraction is the business model offered at eXp Realty.  Along with high splits, low caps nationwide and 5 opportunities to gain stock, eXp has staged itself as truly an agent owned company.  Presently there is no other real estate company in the world offering the opportunities available at eXp Realty.

Along with a business model unlike any other in the industry, eXp has staged itself with experienced leadership to both management and the Board.

Rick Miller, author of “Be Chief: It’s a Choice, Not a Title”, gives us a first hand look at what he has experienced as a member of the Board of Directors of eXp Realty:

“But even as an early-stage firm, the eXp Realty leadership team has understood things that many other company leadership teams do not.

First, they know that few startups successfully navigate the revenue growth path from millions to hundreds of millions because they don’t adapt to change. This team is dedicated to using change as a disrupter, instead of having to adapt to it from outside influences.

Second, they know that well-run larger organizations can handle increasing levels of complexity, have effective ways of planning and adjusting, and rely on a strong set of values to align their growing set of team members. More recently, eXp Realty has been moving aggressively in each of these areas.”  Continue Reading….


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Mission Statement - We want the value proposition of eXp Realty to be so good that it would be irresponsible for an agent or broker to hang their license anywhere else.


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