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Training Is Important – But You Have To Want It.

One of the things that I really enjoy about being part of eXp is that the support and
training are excellent.  The session with Glenn Sanford on The Magic of
Thinking Big was nothing short of exceptional.

In case you missed it here is the link:

Sometimes I have to laugh at real estate agents. They will jump from one
agency to another searching, and yet have no idea what they are searching
for ! I have seen agents jump for different splits, promises of leads, cheaper
fees etc. What I rarely see is an agent that will jump because they want
better training or support.

Yes, I have heard agents say that they are jumping to an agency that offers
more training, but in reality they rarely participate in the training programs.
I don’t understand that.

The approach to our industry, how we are approached by future clients and
the technology we need to use are changing so quickly that struggling to figure
it out on our own is just too time consuming and frustrating that most of us
just don’t even try to keep up.  Really bad mistake !

I know we all have things to do during the day and can easily make excuses
why attending training is less important than what ever else we have to do.
However, you have to decide if what you are presently doing is more important
than your own personal development.

You are responsible for your own personal development. What eXp offers are
ongoing training programs that you can use to develop yourself in just about
any area of this business as well as personal development to improve our
lives and life styles.

Personal business coach, Pam Ostrowski, high impact training, Scott Enbinder and the unlimited
resources of Glenn Sanford and Brian Culhane – eXp offers you an opportunity to grow.
Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

Just my two cents – well maybe a full nickle !

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Jim Girard

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