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eXp Realty Hosts National Conference, Now Exceeds 5,000 Real Estate Agents Across North America

Oct 10, 2017 (Marketwired via COMTEX) — More Than 2,000 Agents Joined the eXp Family During the Past Seven Months

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL–(Marketwired – October 10, 2017) – eXp Realty, LLC, the Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage and a subsidiary of eXp World Holdings, Inc. (otcqb:EXPI), today announced at its fourth annual national conference, EXPCON 2017, that the company surpassed 5,000 real estate agents across North America.

This important company milestone represents 175 percent growth from the same time last year. In the last seven months, more than 2,000 agents joined the eXp Realty family. Also during the past year, the company launched in four additional U.S. states……CONTINUE READING

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In The Mist Of Tragedy George Huntoon Goes Above and Beyond For Others

As Hurricane Harvey swept across lower Texas one eXp Realty agent goes above and beyond the call of duty to save countless lives.  George Huntoon, an agent at eXp Realty, now a local hero, delays the emotion of his own personal losses and goes to work saving other lives.

Insert from Forbes article:

George discovered his client and friend (a single mom with two kids and two dogs) feared for their lives. They called 911 but only got recordings to “stay on the line.” George was anxious about how to help. Is it safe? He (and many others with boats) couldn’t stand idle and watch Houstonians wash away on TV. Like police, firemen, and the deployed Texas National Guard, he set out to save people, knowing it’s a dangerous mission.


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Agents Increased 180% – Second Quarter Results

eXp World Holdings, Inc. Reports Record Second Quarter 2017 Financial Results Revenues in the second quarter of 2017 increased 198% to $39.6 million, compared to $13.3 million in the same year-ago quarter.

Sequentially, this represents growth of 80% when compared to $22.0 million in the first quarter of 2017.
Net income in the second quarter of 2017 increased to $3.2 million, or $0.05 per diluted share, compared to net loss of $6.0 million, or $(0.12) per diluted share in the same year-ago quarter.

“We expect the pace of growth to continue in the second half of 2017, as we leverage the viral growth aspect of the eXp Realty model and growing our brand throughout North America”. Glenn Sanford, CEO


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Revenue Share caught my interest and it’s the main reason I joined eXp Realty.  It’ brings confirmation to the fact that eXp Realty offers an exit strategy unforeseen in our industry.

Gene Frederick came to eXp just over two years ago.  He operated 6 market centers for Keller Williams.  He closed his market centers because he saw the full potential of what eXp Realty’s Revenue Share Program had to offer.  Gene introduced Rob Flick to eXp just 1 year ago.

Rob Flick has been in retirement for 15 years.  He is the #14th highest paid profit share income earner with Keller Williams.  His annual profit share earned him just over $600,000 per year.   I’ll let his post below speak for itself.  Keep in mind that this income is one for Revenue Share only and does not include any stock received.  eXp Realty offers its agents a stock award for each agent you attract to the company.

Do you think he made a good move?  Rob has been with eXp Realty for 1 year.

Give me a call  or text – we need to talk  864.414.4675 – Confidential

I know there are those who think that there are a few of the “big hitters” who make the money in these types of programs.  Below is a picture of my revenue share earnings for the months of July and August 2017.  Right, nowhere near what Gene and Rob are making, however, I’m making $6,000 per month without selling one home.

What about you – what does your passive income look like?  What is your exit strategy?

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Inman News – Kee Wah Chung, VP Agent Experience at eXp Realty Speaks to 1,000 Brokers on Virtual Offices

By invitation Kee Wah Chung, Vice President of Agent Experience at eXp Realty was asked to speak to 1,000 brokers about running a virtual office.  Kee Wah offers some good insight into what is necessary to have a successful business model in a virtual world.

I am often amazed at how in one breath outside agencies think our business model is too far fetched, and then, as is apparent just by the fact that Kee Wah was asked to speak on this subject, they are trying to find ways to implement the same format into their own system.  Since I started with eXp Realty it has always been on the cutting edge of technology.  It was started in a virtual environment and is now light years ahead of the competition.  We strive forward as others try to catch up.

“It was very evident that brokers were interested in delivering a virtual experience — they just didn’t know where to start or what to think about”. – Kee Way Chung

I walked away from the experience with a renewed sense of how special eXp is and that we are really doing something different than any other brokerage in North America. We are leading the way in driving next-gen engagement for agents, brokers, and staff by delivering a robust, cloud-based experience through eXp World. It’s an exciting time to be with eXp Realty!




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Former KW Agent – eXp Has Changed My Life

Jeff Whitespeare

I was with Keller Williams and didn’t like that I didn’t have any ownership in the company nor did I have a stable retirement plan. I now have two daughters and the opportunity exp has given me will provide stability for my family for years to come.

My team and I sell close to 200 homes a year and without my daily work routine that wouldn’t happen. At my previous brokerage without me working 50 plus hours a week and spending 30,000 a year on lead generation sites (boomtown, top producer, etc) my business would fail and my families stability would be at risk. Moving to eXp and utilizing Kunversion has saved me $30,000 a year in lead generation fees. I’ve only been with eXp for 12 months and have earned close to 25,000 shares of the company and have created a monthly residual income that I can retire on and that WILL create generational wealth and peace knowing my two girls will be taken care of. EXP has changed my life and it will change yours.

I’ve only been with eXp for 12 months and have earned close to 25,000 shares of the company and have created a monthly residual income that I can retire on and that WILL create generational wealth and peace knowing my two girls will be taken care of. EXP has changed my life and it will change yours.

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Through the years – Impressive

The numbers don’t lie.  We are building at an unbelievable pace impressing and surpassing the history of any other brokerage.  Even the big companies took more than 12 years to surpass the 1,000 mark.

While some may stay on the side lines watching to see what happens, there are many of agents that see the full potential of what eXp Realy offers their agents.  Full ownership from the first sale, low caps ($16,000) High commission splits (80/20), stock awards, equity programs plus over 25 hours of live training every week.  

It’s worth your time to learn more.  REACH OUT TO ME– let’s talk.  

  • 2017 – Surpassed 4000 agents in July

  • 2017 – eXp Realty named Finalist – Most Innovative Brokerage – Inman News

  • 2016 – Surpassed 1000 agents in February

  • 2016 – Surpassed 1000 agents in February

  • 2016 – eXp Realty is in 35 states and Alberta Canada

  • 2015 – Net Revenues up 71% Year over Year

  • 2015 – For the full year ended net revenues increased by 71% to $22.87 million from $13.37 million.

  • 2015 – eXp Realty Cashflow Positive on $16,400,000+ Trailing 12 Month Revenues

  • 2013 – eXp Realty International became a publicly traded company (EXPI)

  • 2012 – Glenn Sanford named Inman Top 100 Most Influential in Real Estate

  • 2011 – eXp Realty featured in Swanepoel Trends Report

  • 2011 – eXp Realty Finalist Inman Most Innovative Brokerage of the Year

  • 2009 – Glenn Sanford Founded eXp Realty, LLC

  • 2006 – Glenn Sanford Top 50 REALTOR at Keller Williams International

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Initiating Coverage With an Outperform Rating

The following is an excerpt from the William Blair Report on eXp World Holdings.

The Agent Compensation Model

We believe that eXp’s agent compensation model will help grow the number of agents committed to the platform, decrease attrition (but still leave room for management to get rid of the wrong agents if necessary), better align shareholders and agents (which should be good for the stock), and create a more durable model across cycles.

EXp has set up a capped commission structure with options for commissions and revenue share to be partly paid in equity. Furthermore, agents who refer other agents to the platform can earn more equity and “passive” income derived from revenue-share agreements from referred agents’ completed transactions.

Agents receive an 80/20 commission split on the ϐirst $80,000 in gross commission income (GCI) and 100% of the commission beyond $80,000 in GCI. We believe the average home sale price for an eXp agent is about $275,000, which implies the typical agent would do 12 to 15 transactions at an 80/20 split and deals beyond that level would be paid out at 100%.

Agents receive 75 shares in the company for their ϐirst closing and 250 shares upon “capping” (reaching the $80,000 GCI hurdle). They also receive 250 shares for each recruit who signs on with eXp and completes his or her ϐirst transaction. These share awards were higher in the earlier days of the company and are gradually decreasing as eXp’s agent count grows.

On the expense side of the equation, agents pay a $99 one-time fee for basic setup (business cards, online presence), a $50 monthly technology fee, and a $420 yearly tuition fee for eXp University (more on eXp University later in this report). Agents also pay a $25 broker review fee and a $30 E&O insurance fee for each transaction until they reach the $80,000 GCI threshold.

In the case of agents who have capped out (gone over $80,000 in GCI), they pay a $250 transaction fee (capped at $5,000 per year), a $25 broker review fee, and a $30 E&O insurance fee (which is capped at $500 per year, or roughly 17 deals per year).

Agents are responsible to a large extent for their own marketing and advertising spending; eXp can and does facilitate lead generation with a proprietary listing service called EXPLS, which has more than 900 online outlets, including some major hubs like Trulia, Yahoo Real Estate, Zillow, and Homes.com. This solution and a Google AdWord offering called “Making it Rain” are some of the services provided by eXp for a monthly fee, but a large majority of agents are generating leads and stirring up business on their own.

eXp University As part of eXp’s commitment to virtual collaboration and alignment, eXp University is an online, avatar-driven environment where agents take part in sales and service training, receive technology education, and collaborate with other eXp agents. Each agent has his or her own avatar and likely uses the low-cost support services to a large degree in their early years.

One of the most frequent complaints from new agents at any brokerage is the lack of training provided to become a productive member of the team. Either there is not direct or frequent access to brokers because of the size and time constraints of larger offices or the boutique nature of a smaller office can cause infringement concerns among other agents. EXp University offers a virtual 3-D world in which new and senior agents can receive more than 25 hours of training every week and collaborate with other agents worldwide to share best practices and new approaches without the concern of losing a deal.



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Another Milestone – 166% Growth Rate

Presently one of the fastest growing real estate companies in country.  Offering outstanding tools, ownership opportunities and a revenue share program that can set you for life, eXp Realty has been growing at this pace for a few years.   Time to get in on the fun.

Look around this site – do your homework and then give me a call – we need to talk.

Jim Girard 864.414.4675   Jim@JimGirard.com  or just fill out THIS FORM

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It’s Not The Right Time For Everyone!

When asked why agents just can’t see the big picture, Glenn Sanford, Founder and CEO of eXp Realty gave this great analogy for his answer.

Glenn Sanford:

Gene Frederick uses a new housing development as a paradigm. Some people buy before the roads even go in. Some need all the services in place. Some need the first models to be built. Some need most of the development to be in place and some will buy the last units built and there are some who buy once a development has matured and properties are turning over and the schools are well established etc…

Everyone has a different level of discomfort they are willing to deal with relative to brokerage models. I didn’t use Netflix much when they were still only mailing DVD’s in the mail and had a minimal streaming business. Now Blockbuster is out of business. I didn’t order much on Amazon other than the occasional hard to find a book on Amazon in the early days. Now there are very few weeks that go by that I don’t use Amazon.

We are still in the relatively early days of a Cloud-based model that doesn’t have a physical footprint for agents, so most agents still think going to an office is a good idea. Eventually, I think there will be some holdouts however most agents over time IMO will affiliate with a brokerage that doesn’t maintain a physical footprint and the consumer will totally understand as part of the connected economy.

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