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Time To Get Back On Track

During my 20 years in real estate, I have talked to hundreds of agents who seem to get stuck in the same trap.  They have their ups and downs with the business and suddenly find themselves in a spot where they feel trapped – off track.

The problem isn’t so much that they get in that situation.  The problem is the fact that they don’t know how to get out or simply don’t or won’t make the decision to do so.  Instead, over the years, I have seen agents just sit in the hole they have created for themselves.

The industry right now is the hottest I have seen.  It’s not just localized, it’s going strong all over the country.  If you are one of those agents who has found themselves “off track” then it’s time to think about your next step.

Of course, the mirror talk is always the first step.  You have to have the focus within yourself to do what is necessary to move forward.  However, during that mirror talk, you know while you’re pumping yourself up on getting in motion, you should also be discussing if where you are placing your license is the right place for your business to grow.

I understand that changing your brokerage is a huge step.  Almost a career move for some.  However, you must decide if where you are at is good for your business.  Talking with agents about this I’m always amazed at how many agents, who are struggling in the business, stay where they are at because “I’m good friends with the broker” or “I have a lot of friends there”.  I get that – I have friends all over the industry.  My questions are  “Do you have the tools to help you be successful”?  “Is the training new and updated so you can continue to grow”?  These are the same questions you need to be asking yourself.

I’ll tell you a little secret.  You can have friends all over the place, many are with different companies and different industries.  If your colleagues are true friends, then they will remain friends with you wherever you work and would want you to be successful.

Do some self-study in your career and your business. Maybe you are a little off track.  It’s really not a problem unless you decide to stay in that spot.  Remember no decision is still a decision!  If you feel it’s time to get back in the game then study where you are at and make the decision if your present brokerage has the resources and tools you need to be successful.  The training, tools, etc.  If so, then get back on track and move forward.  If not, then it may be time to switch tracks.

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